Monday, 7 April 2014

Vive le Quebec libre...ZzZz!

The Quebec Revolution, the idea of a Quebec as a singular entity separate from Anglo influence, appears to only live on in the extended dreams of Pauline Marois and her party.

"What a night!", seems like an underestimate of the events that have occurred in Quebec tonight. If this election is any indication of the steam the federal Liberals are accumulating, Stephen Harper better continue shaking in his boots.

It appears Quebecers have decided to favour a more inclusive and accepting province, one existing within the realm of Canada, arguably where it belongs. I for one am very happy with the results of tonight's elections and although I was unable to cast a vote myself, I feel that the people voting tonight made the right choices for Quebec as a province and Canada as a country.

United in strength by our differences and tolerances!

On a positive note, Madame Marois will not be alone tomorrow in her sadness and defeat, Microsoft officially ends its support of Windows XP tomorrow as well.

While a new era in Quebec begins, one must ask if Sovereignty will die as a result of tonight's results. The answer may not appear as a simple one, but given how intricate and complex politics in Quebec have been, I would not say that Sovereignty as an idea is dead at all.

Just look at Windows XP, while it may have lost support from the majority, people will still be running it on their computers and more up to date operating systems are built using it as a foundation.

If anything, I believe the Quebec Separatist Movement will ultimately use tonight as a lesson, one that explains how ideology and a one sided approach are not the tools used by a leading party, but by an interest group.

Quebec's flag may fly high with a strong blue and white colour pattern, but its people live on tomorrow with their own unique colours and beliefs, one big happy inclusive society that happens to speak French instead of English.

So, Vive Le Quebec Libre everyone and to all a good night!