Thursday, 3 January 2013

A Letter for 2013

Anthony Passaretti
The Political Road Map

Dear Fellow Canadians,

With the holiday season behind us and the new year with us, I write this letter to you, with the hope of addressing a growing problem within our beautiful country. We are all blessed to live in this great country called Canada and share in the potential that it allows us. We live our lives on a day to day basis and encounter many different people and experiences along the way.

Sadly, things have not been as great as they appear to be and our government has not done much in the way of warning us. Poverty increases at historic levels and the gap between the rich and the poor grows consistently greater. People are losing jobs or having difficulty maintaining the ones they currently have. Students and young adults, many of  whom  graduated from a post secondary institution are unemployed and in many circumstances those working are underemployed.

Our government has failed us, not because of any specific action, but rather because of the inaction it has maintained in addressing many important issues. What are those issues you may ask? Job security, growth, research and development, social security, sustainability and the environment are just a few.

Basically, when placed in a position of doubt, a position of uncertainty, many Canadians have looked up in search of some assistance, some reinforcements and the entity we entrust with this responsibility, has looked back with blank eyes.

2013 is here and strong, with it hopefully a strong sense of optimism and clarity, so that many of you may look forward during these rough times and seek the hope of a better day. Seek a time where employment meant something and your hard work was recognized, where opportunity came to those who seeked it and a helping hand was extended for those who happened to stumble.

We are in this together Canadians, our country is strengthened by our differences and our diversity, so long as we acknowledge that working toward the common good for all trumps working toward the common good of a few. We must band together and continue our march forward in order to not only improve our country for the better, but save it from adversity.

Look forward and focus on the long term, but do not sacrifice that vision for something you want now. Wise words that many in public office should be considering as they put their efforts toward assisting you during these tough times.

For 2013, I ask that you look around a little more, think a little hard, read something different and raise your voice.

I cannot tell you how important it is for you to take a stand now and work toward making a difference, because if no one says anything and we continue on as if nothing is wrong, we may wake up one day and wonder where our country went.

From the Political Road Map to you and yours, I extend a rather late Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy Hannukah/Happy Kwanza and I wish you good health, rich ideas and the confidence to make change in the coming months of 2013.

2013 is going to be a year of great change, remember that and embrace it and when it does occur, remember where you heard it from first!  

Until Next Time!

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