Monday, 4 November 2013

The Political "Gravy Train"

Ah...The Gravy Train!

Most of us, if not all, can imagine a table with our family and friends sitting together enjoying a meal. Every time I hear a reference to "The Gravy Train", I imagine this setting and the warm feeling of enjoying turkey, while others pass around the gravy, sharing it together on an equal basis.

After a brief moment of enjoying this mental treat, I am reminded of the reality of the reference being attached to "The Gravy Train." Most likely it is an elected official or political party stating how "The Gravy Train" has to come to an end and how someone in some position needs to get off the ride.

If you have not figured out just yet...I am making a nice reference myself to our dear friend Mayor Rob Ford.

Mayor Ford based his entire election on something he holds dearly to his heart, "The Gravy Train." Seriously though, the man cannot get enough gravy on his food, have you seen the lunch expenses he declares????

While Ford proclaimed in all of his political glory that "The Gravy Train" would be destroyed, the taxpayers of Toronto looked up in hope that finally...someone with the tenacity and strength of a leader could assist them in their daily lives and make things better.

Years later, those very same taxpayers are looking at their television and computer screens and unfortunately realizing that, while Mayor Ford made many references to "The Gravy Train", he was in fact not looking to abolish it, but rather ride on it first class indefinitely.

I am beyond embarrassed and enraged by the media reports, public announcements and scandal that has followed this mayor of Toronto, and while many argue that the media is simply bullying Ford, I disagree, because he is not alone and the sad reality is that others who have taken it upon themselves to ride the very same "Gravy Train", all appear to be fellow supporters and party members of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Now, let me take a minute to let the air rest, because I can imagine many party supporters, fresh from the recent conference are swearing and yelling that my statement, if they haven't already closed the page.

The problem that has persisted for many years in Canada is that many of our elected officials seem either uninterested in supporting Canadians who do not directly vouch for them or to concerned lining their own pockets to actually do their jobs properly. These politicians and public servants like to take the public out of public service and replace it with "Me."

"Me Service" appears to be the growing trend within the Conservative Party these days and also appears to be spreading to other politicians from the Liberals to the NDP.

Mayor Ford out of them all appears to conveniently make the news every time Stephen Harper has a foul to cover up. Senate issues with Mike Duffy and all of the sudden the notorious crack video ends up in the hands of the police.

Coincidence or pure conspiracy?

I hope that one day I can enter the public service myself, not because I want my own office or a nice pension after eight years, but rather because of the ability it gives me to not only help people, but enact change. Our politicians are given a lot of moving space to help others, mainly because the people of Canada allow them this power. However, when the media shows constant images and examples of these very same public servants squandering our money on private business buddies, gazebos, an action plan that essentially does what government should be doing already...fixing roads, but rather spends even more money on marketing to make it appear more than that and finally on backdoor cheques, one cannot feel bad when they lose a little bit of hope and respect for the political system in general.

I really want to emphasis that politicians are very important and that the political system may have glitches in it, but still serves as a relevant and super important factor in our daily lives.

Mayor Ford states that he is not an alcoholic and not a drug addict, because lets face it...when your doing drugs after work and on weekends, it really doesn't count because technically your not on the job? Or are you? Is mayor of Toronto a position that has no hours of operation, is Ford always mayor or just when he is in his office or at an event? Does he put his suit away at night and deactivate the responsibilities that come with it?

The current evidence seems to suggest unfortunately that this is true, because while Ford may have accomplished parts of his goal in reducing taxes on the citizens of Toronto, he has failed in the most important aspect of his position...the ability to be a strong leader with a vision for ALL of the people of Toronto, not just his corporate buddies or his drug dealers.

Realistically, what the mayor does on his own time in his home is his business only, but when these activities do come to light and prove to be impacting on his performance as a public servant and more importantly show his lack of disregard for the position, then and only then will he face the punishment waiting for him.

Keep riding "The Gravy Train" mayor Ford, because very soon you and your buddy Stephen Harper will have a lot of worrying to do. When the next election comes around or maybe before for all we know, you may have to dust off that old resume and start applying for jobs like the rest of us, because I am pretty sure that high end crack your using ain't cheap!

Until Next Time!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Anti Anti-Abortion Banners

Buckle Up...your going to need to for this rant and just for fun, try and count how many times I am able to incorporate the word "fuck" into this blog post. It is Wednesday after all and Halloween and Friday are near!

Anti-Abortion Rallies and Banners

Being that it is a Wednesday morning, many of you are probably getting ready for work if you have not already left for your daily commute. Many of you may be reading this on a lunch break or simply on your coffee break. While taking one of these breaks that you do throughout the day, you may have encountered a demonstration or signs that take a stand against abortion by declaring that it kills children. In this demonstration, you most likely have seen a banner or some kind of sign displaying a dead fetus or what looks to be a dead fetus, while the writing clearly states that abortion is murder. If like myself you were unlucky enough to witness these actions, than you know exactly how fucking disgusting and vile they in fact are!

What in the fuck is wrong with people that they need to demonstrate in such a vile and crude way? I understand that in this beautiful country of ours, we pride ourselves to be able to speak freely and say fuck you against a government or group when the time permits it, is it that we have not yet developed a line for the fucking stupid shit that these individuals are forcing upon us?

CBC and other media outlets broadcasted these groups and their current plan for force feeding this fucking shit on us, however since then I have not heard one fucking peep regarding any repercussions of these protests or images.

If you have not already heard, these groups who carry signs with dead fetus' on them all day are planning to continue broadcasting this image in public spaces as well as go door to door in some areas with flyers, while visiting schools to protest as well.

Again, I am all for freedom of speech, but when it comes to posting a picture of a dead fetus and using it as a tool to not only polarize people further on an already edgy subject based around morality,something fucking has to be done.

I feel so fucking bad for the fetus used in these photos, because not only is this fetus being paraded around like a martyr, it has become a fucking glorified image used to spread the agenda's of fucking radicals who take a hard stand against abortion.

What makes this even more fucking ridiculous, is that many of these groups are centered around a religious core...meaning their stand is literally rooted in the fucking word of God.

Well, considering that over the past three weeks, I have personally witnessed ten different events where this banner was placed over the highway that I use to get to and from work, causing traffic, causing accidents in some cases, I am pretty sure the religious aspect becomes moot, because above all, God states in the Catholic religion that man is to be a steward of the earth and I am pretty fucking sure that the increased traffic and pollution caused by the shock and awe of these fucking banners is not doing the environment any favors.

I, myself, have even taken an almost hypocritical stand over this rant, simply because I have had enough of these shock tactics that realistically do more harm than good. Have these individuals considered the amount of children that may be present in vehicles passing their fucking vile banners? Have they considered that each individuals life is their own and as a result they are free to fucking CHOOSE how they should live it? I have prided myself on attempting to remain neutral on the subject of abortion, because I have never had to be in a situation where I had to choose and hope I never have to be, however real world outside of the heads of these fuckers is not as perfect as they want it to be. Unfortunately, there are people who have to make this choice and as a result also have to live with the consequences, which is why our government through the courts made it legal to have the option of an abortion available when required.

Who are we, to judge people who are placed in a position that we probably have never been in ourselves? How can we honestly say it is better to point a finger and call someone a murderer, than parade around images of fucking dead fetus', all the while smiling and waving...this actually happens every time I see a fucking banner over the highway, these individuals take the time to stand there and wave and smile, over a banner...with a dead fetus fucking on it...

I mean, it has gotten to the point, where these individuals have become as bad as groups such as Al Qaeda and those fuckers in the U.S known as Westboro. You may disagree with me on this observation, but when looking at the potential impact of these images in the public and the tactics used to display a message...these groups all remain in the same category.

Let us use shock and awe through something very vile and noticeable, therefore allowing our message to implant itself in the heads of the general masses and even if this image does not fully change them, it will at the very least ask them to question their own beliefs, while they lose their fucking lunch.

What makes this even worse, is that if I was to parade down a busy city centre naked...or take a picture of a dead person and plaster it on a sign and walk around stating that X or Y causes us to become evil and therefore degenerates, I would most likely wind up in jail or with a ticket. However, when these groups parade around with those fucking banners and pass out literature with that fucking vile picture on it...noone has the fucking balls to even say something to them. To ask them, nicely, why they cannot pass out literature or invest their time in educating people who may be a target audience possibly requiring an abortion as opposed to fucking just plastering an image of a dead fetus everywhere.

Back to me being hypocritical, because throughout this entire blog post I have used the word fuck a lot, which I do not personally like because The Political Road Map is supposed to take a rather professional stand on subjects and ask questions, not just rant, but there comes a time when the ranting is required and that time is now.

These individuals and their protesting has allowed me to begin questioning my stand on abortion and I have come to the conclusion that when someone is radical enough to post such fucking picture in public, they most likely have something to gain out of it. Either these individuals are being paid for their public work or they are apart of a group that has a vested interest in the abolition of abortion.

I mean, if abortion is made illegal, people will either have to put unwanted children up for adoption or buy more protection. Now, I know most of these religious types do not fucking believe in contraception, because Jesus will shed a fucking tear or something if you enjoy the sex, but not take responsibility for the fuckign sex or something...

So that leaves one other avenue...adoption or foster services. With many of these foster services being run by church organized groups who are devoutly religious, could it be that this increased campaign to pressure the Harper regime to reopen the debate of abortion and scare the public, is nothing more than a scheme to increase potential revenue in state sponsored adoptions?

Currently, an individual who cares for a state ward can earn around $3,000.00 a month to care for a child, whereas an average foster situation is between $1500.00 and $2000.00. Could these individuals be fucking vile enough that they believe their actions can not only stop abortions from happening...thus doing God's work, but also open the potential for their organizations to cash in on more future revenue and support from the government?

I know this may sound fucking sick coming from me to even think of this possible alternative, but one has to understand that no matter how much you love God or love the end of the day someone has to pay the bills.

That is enough fucking ranting for now, I will just end this post off by stating that while these banners have worked hard to morally scare me and persuade me to choose pro-life, all they really have accomplished is push me to take a solid stand with the pro-choice group. If your religious, God made us free to choose and loves us either way, if your a supporter of Darwin, evolution has chosen us, but overpopulation is entertains the question of quality of life versus quantity of life.

If your one of these individuals holding banners above highways, no offense, but your fucking vile!

Until Next Time! 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Our Strength Is In Our Differences

A letter from an unknown Canadian to the American people.
While I imagine the majority of America is upset over the recent closure of the government, I suspect that more anger is felt because of the sheer indecision between the republicans and democrats.
As an outsider looking in, It is hard not to question the lunacy that seems to call itself politics in America, then I look at my own system and I see a truth that exists strongly in American politics. If you cannot come to a conclusion, you stand still until one is found and as obvious as it may sound my American friends, this is where you and yoir government currently stand.
Yes, I know that many right leaning individuals find it hard to accept that Obamacare is becoming a reality, but I wish to ask you only to consider one thing. If a member of your family was to fall ill and not have the support of you to assist them or the money to pay for a procedure, would it be right to turn a cheek and allow them to suffer?
Does not a single republican exist that worships the teachings of Jesus Christ, who himself proclaimed that what you do to the least among you, you do to him?
I see countless accusations that the idea of universal health care is nothing more than an accelerated form of socialism and we cannot have that can we? However, I ask the not a family to a form of socialism? The family unit in essence is rooted on a foundation of socialism and often implemented as such as well. You care for your family and thus sacrifice for the well being of another.
America is no different than a family of 300,000,000 different people. In fact, I argue that America is more of a family than even Canada...that isnt easy for me to say, but you understand why it is important!
A country that sends it sons and daughters to fight for the freedom of its citizens, should not think twice when asked to put a little aside for the well being of another!
Look at Canada as an example my American brothers and sisters! We Canadians acknowledge that our system always needs work and is not perfect, but show me a system that is and lets talk about it!
While universal health care in America will be far from perfect on the get go, it will be the key to not only improving your beautiful country, but also making your people stronger. A healthier work force, a stronger bond between citizens and more importantly a fairer diversification of responsibility.
I will leave you with this simple thought...while your government currently suffers from an indecision caused by difference, remember that in your differences lies a distinct strength and more importantly that the American melting pot that is your dream is not only yours, but that of every single breathing and hell even dead American to have existed.
Obama is not destroying your system with socialism America, he is simply making the American dream new again with a little help from your friends!  Keep dreaming, keep helping your fellow American and if your still not convinced look to Canada to see that universal health care is not your enemy, but a door to a new paradigm of thought in one of the best countries in the world!
An unknown Canadian

Sunday, 15 September 2013

An Essay On Syria, Morality And The International Community

Do you know why chemical weapons are often referred to as the "poor man's nuke"? The term comes as a snide label detailing the devastating effects these weapons have compared to their relatively low cost. Chemical weapons range in terms of specific types, however they all share a common trait of being silent killers that leave no blood, no mess, just corpses.

Syria has become an escalated topic for the international community solely for the fact that not since the attacks of Saddam Hussein against Kurdish citizens, has an internal conflict taken such an extreme turn. The very fact that a dictator has had the confidence to use these weapons, not only challenges the validity and strength of the United Nations, but more importantly provides a mirror to the world of free men and challenges their morality and authenticity.

When President Obama declared that America is not a police state, but simply enforcing the will of the international community, he was in fact keeping a strong face to ensure morality ensues. If we allow one dictator to get his way, how does that make the United Nations look? This situation can be compared to a man beating his wife, children and relatives, only to have the police officers stand on his porch and watch as he explains why beating them was not his fault, but justified because of their own actions against him. Common sense would dictate that this example is one that requires intervention, however the question of sovereignty arises when action is put on the table. How do you enforce international law and respect the sovereignty of a single nation at the same time? I personally believe that if a member of the United Nations begins to attack it's own people physically, this should automatically open the possibility of an international response. While it is easy to write this, the implementation of having every country on the planet become a part of the UN is another thing. 

What makes the situation more unbearable however, is the human cost as a result of this internal conflict. Chemical weapons as mentioned at the beginning of this post are a game changer, they are an extreme response to a conventional conflict and show a sign of inhumane thinking. Using these weapons in self defense is one thing, deploying them on your countrymen is a simple shame.

Below, I am going to be displaying pictures of the effects these weapons have had on civilians. I display these pictures not to disrespect the individuals themselves, but to show an extreme example of the deadliness these weapons pose and the importance of banning their use.

Viewer Discretion is Advised


Effects of chemical gas on livestock, if the gas doesn't kill you, starvation will.

We all know the effects of a nuclear weapon on a city, the place is demolished in seconds and everything there incinerated. The use of chemical weapons are ideal for keeping the assets of a city in one piece, while removing its inhabitants with ease. The pictures above show the results of chemical weapon use, you have individuals going to bed at night, never to wake up. No mess, no problem, all provided with ease.

Many of the victims in this attack were not military, which is another reason why the Syrian conflict has become so escalated. You have innocent children being killed without regard or worse, being orphaned and left to the refugee camps in other countries. Traveling as a kid with your parents is fun, but imagine being 12 years old and having to care for your brothers and sisters in a country you have never been before?

Worse, imagine the post traumatic effect these children are experiencing, having witnessed the conflict and bloodshed going on in their own home cities?

While an armed intervention does go against my own comfort zone regarding a response, these pictures give you an idea of why such an idea was tabled in the first place. It may be easy to refer to Syria as another Iraq or say that America simply wants the oil there, but one thing is certain, while Iraq turned out to possess fake weapons of mass destruction, Bashar Al Assad has them and is not afraid to use them on Syrians.

The threat of military intervention and the quick of thinking of Russia has led Syria to register itself with the United Nations ban on chemical weapons and allow inspectors to view all stockpiles. However, while this update shows a move in the right direction, one has to beg how valid it really is, when the only reason the Syrian government completed this request was to avoid being attacked by an international force. The very fact that it came down to threats show how light the weight of the United Nations really is, when confronted with an actual crisis. This is why it is very important to ensure that a proper response is applied, but even more importantly a proper precedent is set to deter future madmen from using these weapons without cause.

The final segment of this post is dedicated to Canada's response to the overall crisis. Lester B. Pearson is most likely rolling in his grave. While Canada has been known to be a peacemaker and humanitarian aid country, this crisis has shown the imperfection of our current government and the change that has secretly occurred in this country. Instead of offering to initiate or coordinate a humanitarian response for the millions of people currently displaced in Syria, our government simply issued an order condemning the actions while literally supporting our allies for an attack by not contributing any possible assets at all.

Syria has officially turned from civil war to political genocide and now is the time that we need to act properly and swiftly to avoid further needless deaths. The world always says never again, yet when Rwanda was burning under the genocide of millions, people were more content with O.J Simpsons trial, Darfur still burns with aspects of genocide, however the world has forgotten the people there. Syria is our chance to change things, to finally implement new policy that allows the international community to act when required, heck, the people in this country have launched a massive campaign for international assistance and all we have done is simply stand back and watch, something that we promised we would never do again.

In closing, the United Nations is still a viable and important institution for world peace and international organization. Syria has given the world an opportunity to not only remind ourselves how deadly our weapons can be, but also reorganize and improve. We need to take things seriously on the international level, because while it may seem unlikely that these types of weapons or conflicts can affect us at home, in today's world nothing is impossible. If we turn a blind eye on an issue occurring somewhere else, what happens when our ignorance allows that issue to grow and become an international crisis?

As always I thank you for reading my material and look forward to the future!

Friday, 13 September 2013

To Applaud Putin Or Brace For Another World War?

I was hesitant to write this, but after reading the recent letter addressed to the American people from Russian President Vladimir Putin, I had to issue an article in response.

Let me state something very clearly before continuing, I of all people seek the path that utilizes diplomacy over an armed response. I prefer to maintain a level of peace and leave the tanks and troops for self defense, however there comes a time when people need to understand that the peace currently being exhibited is no peace at all, but a spark that could easily grow into a flame.

While President Putin appears to be taking the side of peace and looking for an alternative to armed conflict, the reality behind his words is unfortunately the exact opposite. Putin is neither a hero nor enlightened by his recent letter to the American people. The New York Times might as well have labelled the letter Russian propaganda on Syria.

That is right, Putin is nothing more than a wolf dressed in sheep clothing. He is resisting any form of armed response against Syria, not because he has any care for the people being slaughtered or the orphans being created there, no, the only thing Vladimir Putin is worried about is the potential loss of a military ally and customer.

You have to understand that Putin is a character like Obama playing the game of politics. On the one hand, you have the Americans standing by their policy of pre-emptive strikes in the face of danger, while you have Putin keeping his allies in check, but also guaranteeing a customer remains to buy his weaponry. If Bashaar Al-Assad is killed by the rebels, Syria becomes a vaccuum state and Russia loses the guarantee of a buyer.

Why would the Syrian rebels even consider buying Russian goods, when Russia has done everything possible outside sending it's own forces in to wipe the rebels out for good?

The very possibility of losing a buyer is important, but what is worse for Putin is the possibility that a victory in Syria will prompt more actions in Chechnya and thus create a terrible distraction in the upcoming Olympic games. God forbid the rebel movement across the Middle East gains momentum and creates a further push for Democracy.  In a world of social media, the events occurring in Syria and it's outcome will spread rapidly to other groups and ultimately provide a confidence boost to other movements seeking similar ends.

It is actually quite funny, because during the Cold War, many countries experienced rebel uprisings from Socialists and Communists, while today...we see similar actions occurring, but for Democracy instead. Democracy has become the new system of equality in the world. The taste of freedom and education for people has created an unquenchable thirst and drives the movement overall.

I understand that if you do not really know much about Putin, it would be easy to accept his ideas as legitimate via pure ignorance. However, knowing how he treats different groups within his own country and more importantly how his own political track record has been marred by corruption and a dictatorship image itself, the ability to shake your head in agreement with Vladimir Putin becomes impossible. Just look at the Pussy Riot situation as an example of how Putin treats anyone outside the majority. Instead of dealing with the situation in a peaceful manner, the rock group was thrown into prison and left there. Not to mention, that being a homosexual in Russia is practically a death sentence.

If anything, the chemical weapons used in Syria may have even been provided by Putin, however the media has been shy on shedding light on this subject. How does a country like Syria even get its hands on chemical weapons, how did the rebels get their hands on the very same weapons?

Syria is a very complicated situation, as it has characteristics of a civil war as well as a political genocide, which makes the decision to act that much more difficult.

Unfortunately, Putin has taken advantage of gaining some international brownie points with his most recent letter and did so by taking a few shots at President Obama.

I would really appreciate hearing from you and getting an idea of how you feel about this recent letter and its importance regarding the Syrian conflict?

In closing, the Putin letter as I will term it is nothing more than a jab against Democracy from one dictator in defense of another. Syria needs assistance from the international community and taking the advice the letter provides may stop another armed conflict, but does nothing to resolve the situation and save Syrian lives. The assassin phrase is: "kill one man, save a thousand". Vladimir Putin's phrase is basically: Lets call it a civil war and do nothing for the people there, because in the end the rebels represent something different and that usually ends up being bad news.

Until Next Time!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

100th Post! A Little Reminder

Pictured above...Stephen Harper with Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Bernard Valcourt. While the glove is not actually Bernard Valcourt, it does possess more use to Canada as a whole than both Mr. Valcourt and Harper combined.

I thought it was appropriate to dedicate my 100th entry to reminding you all of the man who leads your country and is essentially making changes that dictate not only your future, but that of your children...if you ever get to having kids if this economy and the job market do not get better.

Stephen Harper, thought by Conservatives as the hero of Canada, bringing stability and job growth to the richest and wealthiest Canadians for the past 9 years!

And then we have the cats...oh so many cats that Stephen Harper loves so dearly. It is funny how you rarely see him with a cat lately, maybe all of the online jokes and ridicule actually worked. If only he cared about the future direction of our country as much as these cats.

One, the leader of the free world and implementing health care for 300,000,000 people, the other working on feeding China oil for the lowest prices on the market.

Hell, even this psychopath looks more like a leader than Harper! Come to think of it, both censor their citizens and are reopening doors that were closed a long time ago for a reason.

This guy supports Harper fully and is supported by him likewise...enough said there.

Above, part of the reason why I do what I do. To enact some change, even if it is only a little change, to steer our country back on the right track and portray an example of hope for the world at large.

A fellow fighter in the war on common sense for Canadians, and may it be recorded, that by common sense I mean efforts for all Canadians to prosper and not for the few!

This is my official 100th post as a political blogger and you can be as sure as hell that more are to come!

Keep your eyes open, your mind open and do not forget the work that needs to be done. As a Canadian, you work alongside others with similar ideals, worries and goals in life.

In fact, it doesn't matter which country you are from, keep asking questions and work to steer the political direction of your country for the better, you may think it does nothing, but trust me, it is important!

To those who read this blog, both within Canada and Internationally, I thank you for your patronage.

Until Next Time!

Friday, 23 August 2013

Development and Recession: Looking Back To See The Future

Tonight is Friday and while I sit here occupying my time with readings, movies and Youtube, many of you are probably outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather with the company of friends. While outside, I hope you get a chance to look up at the amazing moon, while it isn't a full moon tonight, it is still clear enough to give you a sense of awe at first glance.

A few weeks ago, major news outlets introduced many Canadians to the Hyperloop, a sky train that essentially utilizes magnets and air flow to travel fast, safe and comfortably. Thought of by the current CEO and billionaire of SpaceX, that company that is currently helping NASA get it's stuff into space, the idea seems to have been accepted warmly and people are lauding Elon Musk as more of a genius, interesting name aside.
Click on the picture to visit the SpaceX site and read more on Hyperloop

What intrigues me the most of the Hyperloop idea is not the genius behind it, but the fact that it is not really a new idea at all. In the 1970's, similar models were proposed using magnets and air flow to not only facilitate future methods of travel, but also combat the dependence of fossil fuels, which Hyperloop also champions. A system that essentially powers itself and allows you to traverse from point A to point B in much less time than conventional methods.The biggest issue in the past however, is that the technology that would allow for a powerful enough magnet system did not exist, so costs would have been many times more than the 6 Billion projected for Hyperloop.Hyperloop opens a much larger debate that needs to be discussed within Canada and the United States now more than ever.

With economic recession still looming and unemployment continuing to be a major issue, we as a society need to begin drafting ways of avoiding this continuous loop of good economic times, bad economic times that continues to plague the average person and destroy any long term employment security.

Switch back to the image of the moon in tonight's clear sky, while the moon is always there reminding us of the frontier that still awaits our conquering, I cannot help but look back to the Cold War space races. A time of great uncertainty that also introduced humanity to a new age, space and the hard work and technology required to get there. I honestly believe that the Cold War shows us a prime example of government led initiatives that not only encompassed the hard working ethic of our society, but the creativity and imagination that came along with that ethic. A time where people truly dreamed of doing something and went forward to get it done.

It seems like in today's society, the only real creativity we are witnessing, comes from consumer culture in the form of gadgets private companies are selling us, all of which utilize previous government sponsored technology projects. Your Apple Ipod may seem cool, but without military grants and public money, the technology would not have existed for Steve Jobs to utilize.

I would push further by arguing with confidence that this drive to reach the unknown frontier, conquer an unknown place and answer more questions is not only a large part of human nature, but an important solution to recession and economic depression.

Do you know what modern day Canada and the United States currently suffers from more than economic woe? The ignorance of thinking that all the big work is done, we believe that while our countries are mapped from sea to shining sea, that nothing else exists to explore, nothing else is required to reach the unknown. The "we have been there and done that" mentality is causing us to not only step aside and let third world countries potentially surpass us, but also create more problems than solve.

Harper chatting with his northern development adviser Ralph the glove.

For example, Stephen Harper is currently touring Northern Canada to promote job growth and mining resources. Yup, that is really going to do us a lot of good, let us take our Aboriginal groups, train them to dig up oil and minerals and essentially further destroy the beauty of the land they cherish traditionally and then all the while smile for the cameras. The current direction our country in does not spell out economic development or security for anyone other than big business and China, because they are the only ones paying for the resources. What do you we do when they run out though? How do we avoid "Dutch Disease"?

Our present day economy in a single picture.

The answer is simple, we need to look back at projects that were born from the imaginations of our fathers and grandfathers and make them a reality. While the technology did not make all of the dreams of the past a reality, today's world is a much different place and technology has a renewed spot in it.

Aside from the Canadarm, we really haven't seen any truly Canadian inventions that created jobs and raised us above the rest since the Avro Arrow, which unfortunately was scrapped due to a Conservative government and a push by the Americans for missiles.

Did you know: That northern projects were created to build living accommodations for Aboriginals, these projects were essentially giant bio domes that would not only house people, but also provide amenities like malls, restaurants and entertainment. The idea was to power them with nuclear reactors.

Looking at the conditions that our Aboriginal brothers live in today, these never to become reality projects would have changed the face of the Aboriginal debate. Also, would most likely have created more education, employment and well being for the people of the North than simply relying on resource extraction.

If both Canada and the United States wants to once again become an example to the world, we need to start opening our eyes, pulling our heads out of the sand and start dreaming. No longer do we have to build the biggest tower to be number one, but more importantly, if we accept the need to rid ourselves of corrupt banksters, powerful oil companies and incompetent politicians, we essentially open up the necessary grounds to do the implausible and shock the world.

Brothers until the end!

Further, I say build the Hyperloop in Canada if California is to blind to see it!

If we are going to enter into a new era of the future and stay competitive against countries that triple our population in manpower, we need to start adopting new forms of infrastructure that can remain independent and flexible for a new generation of employment, only then can we relax with the security of knowing that our society can continue on with employment and prosperity, because we do not do anything, if we allow recessions to come and go more rapidly and allow China and Asia to build everything for us, Canada and the United States are going to empty their stashes of resources and become third world countries in the future.

I want to finish off with one final thing and that is to understand the importance to incoporate creativity and free thinking into your life. You may feel that your living someone else's agenda or schedule and you may be right, but it does not have to be this way. You can find freedom to employ yourself in something you are good at and enjoy and noone can stop you, in fact it is so important that individuals adopt this kind of thinking, because if we are to see any significant change in direction of our country, we need to first start aiming ourselves in that direction, before we can have our government follow.

Until Next Time!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Detroit Wants Robocop!

Movies, while providing a source of entertainment, also possess the ability to inspire us, move us and provide an example of the direction our society is moving in. Robocop among many memorable movies of our youth or general collection, gave us an image of a city named Detroit suffering from extreme crime, poverty and corporate management from what appears to be a multinational corporation.

While the movie employs common language and themes found in a typical 80's film setting, it was dead on regarding the advancement of science and also the potential direction American social conditions could take. You see, Robocop isn't a movie about a man robot so much as it is a glimpse of what society can become if we allow our greatest fears to overcome us and consume us. Crime is so bad in the movie that the police force has been diminished to cannon fodder...that is until our mechanized hero comes into play.

If you haven't guessed what the theme of today's post is, then you might have missed that Detroit recently declared for bankruptcy. Yes, that is correct, an American city that was once known to be the mecca of automobile manufacturing and prosperity, can no longer afford to pay it's own bills. While the demise of Detroit has been a known reality for some time now, it opens up a plethora of questions that challenge both American and Canadian ideas of development and stability in the year 2013. The 80's faced a severe war on drugs, which is most likely why the creators of Robocop decided to make severe crime and drug manufacturing such a key aspect of the movie, but something many miss is that the very company that created Robocop, also included some of the most dangerous characters increasing the crime in future Detroit.

Currently Detroit faces immense poverty and unregulated drug use. While there is a police force currently serving the city, it suffers from a lack of population as well as a very large income gap between social classes. We as a people should ask ourselves how such a prosperous city at one point has now been diminished to a bankrupt ghost town? If banks and the "big three" auto companies were to big to fail, how is it that Detroit, an entire city was allowed to? How can a government allow it's own citizens to live at a third world level, while it continues to support and increase the profitability of private multinational companies.

I wouldn't be surprised if the universe that allows Robocop to exist becomes a reality in present day Detroit. I mean, all of the conditions are there and the setting is perfect for some large company like Google or Apple to move in and take charge. When you have homes selling for $1.00, yes that is correct, one American dollar, you can figure the potential in real estate investment alone. Never mind the house sitting on that land, view the potential property for a future factory, R&D facility or private headquarters.

While the prospect of Detroit becoming governed and practically owned by a third party private organization worries me, when viewed from the American point of view, this potential reality is nothing out of the ordinary. I mean Americans live on a premise of free market enterprise, which in the case of Detroit would welcome potential investment and private management from a large company that is financially secure.

I want you to imagine however an alternative reality to the current scenarios I have provided. Imagine if, the government invested with it's stimulus money and began building American versions of what we Canadians refer to as "crown corporations." A method of employment for the many unemployed residents of Detroit as well as a beacon of hope for others who currently cannot find employment living in other cities or states. Many Americans would call this socialism, something that is very bad in a free market system, but these many Americans are also the ones currently benefiting from the status quo and aren't locking their doors and windows every night with five to ten locks just to keep out the druggies (Yes, believe it, this is actually the case for many people).

While Detroit now holds the record for being the largest city to declare bankruptcy, it may also prove to become a historic landmark for future generations. The beginning of the corporate take over, when a private company becomes the main stakeholder in a city and instead of investing into it with the cooperation of the government, it becomes the governing body. Plus, if the situation in Detroit does happen to possibly get worse, it wouldn't be to long until the local government and the remaining people living there cry out for someone to bail them out, if the federal government isn't there, a private one is the next thing in line.

One thing is for sure, if Robocop and his foes become a reality, you can bet a fine penny that Stephen Harper and his government would be buying up the defective killing machine that doesn't even work in the first movie. Robocop handled that thing like a charm, but Canada would then be facing the F-35 issue once again!

50 units without even knowing the cost? You and I are going to be great friends Mr. Harper!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

An Essay On Egypt

       Fireworks blazing, people chanting and crowds form amid the sound of tank tracks moving into position. While many people watching the news are looking to Egypt with uncertainty, the essence of democracy appears to be laying it's foundation among the Egyptian people. A time of decisions and conflict is continuing within Egypt and with this the future of the Egypt as a country is being formed. While the current situation in Egypt appears to be teetering on the brink of war, there are still many signs that Egyptians will come together and maintain a loud peace in the coming months and years. Democracy does not happen over night and Egypt provides an example to those living in the "West" of exactly what our own country has gone through upon the adoption of democracy and freedom. Egypt is more than just a conflict zone waiting to happen, it is a glimpse of our past through a lens pointed toward the future.

    Over the past few weeks, I have been following news reports showcasing the removal of Egypt's president Mohammed Morsi and what many argue is a coup d'etat by the Egyptian military. My first impression upon seeing the military move in was naturally that a general or some high ranking military officer would step forward and assume control of the country immediately after removing the president. What shocked me more than anything else is the reality that this did not happen. While the military is currently controlling things from a distance, it appears their influence is mainly within the background. While this still does not make their actions any more democratic it does enforce the fact that the military believes democracy within Egypt is occurring or at the very least a possibility. People tend to forget that an interim president was selected by the Egyptian courts to resume until elections could be held. This further shows that some form of stability via Egyptian institutions still remains within the country and as a result further enforces the hope that a civil war will not commence.

The situation in Egypt allows for an important example to western countries because it gives us a glimpse at the early workings of a democracy, many people with many voices pushing their way to gather some say in the direction of a country. In Egypt, it appears the division currently faced by the people is between the Muslim Brotherhood and the more secular general population. Like many other countries in history, Egypt is showing us what happens when you have two identical groups gathered at a crossroads and dividing themselves based on the factors that garner a uniqueness among them. Realistically, the only factor that appears to be dividing Egyptians is religion, everything else is a spinoff of this blatant point. 

While it appears right that religion be kept out of politics within the country, it also appears very wrong that an elected official be taken out of office at the request of the military, whom in reality is in place to serve such an individual on behalf of the national security of the people. Can we argue that the removal of Morsi did in fact serve the national interest of Egyptians? I would probably say yes, only because if anything the military has saved Mohammed Morsi from assassination by those who opposed his prospective amendments to the Egyptian constitution.  

Egyptians need to remember that their revolution is still very fresh and that just because an election was held does not mean they have reached democracy! If anything, the election that put Morsi into power reflects more on the definition of a true democracy than it does in enforcing that a democracy actually exists. For example, many allegations have surfaced that people were fed to vote in support of Muslim Brotherhood candidates. While these allegations remain rumours within the conflict, it does ask you to reflect on the foundation that a true democracy rests. A democracy is generally defined as a system of freedom and equality that attributes one vote per person, but while this definition is important as a general description, it fails in properly including economic factors into the equation. If someone is starving on the street and cannot support themselves or their family, are they truly in a position to say they are free? While their vote does count equally as anyone else in their society, how can we argue democracy has been achieved when the majority of the country is unemployed, underemployed, undereducated or simply outcast?

What Egypt needs more right now than another election is an action plan that can gain consensus from all parties on how to mitigate the issues plaguing their economy. Lets face it...if it wasn't for the majority of youth unemployed and bored, Egyptian rebels may not have even garnered the appropriate support that led overall to the overthrow of Mubarak. You cannot argue against this point because realistically what the Egyptian revolution (Arab Spring) relied upon is the exact issue plaguing our current political system in Canada. We have a disconnection between Canadian youth and the political system that they so heavily depend on, but do not realize.

I am not surprised that president Obama has not only not chosen a party to back in this conflict, but also takes caution at the idea that a military has taken it into it's own hands to remove an elected official. The military has made this revolution to good to be true I would argue as a result of their actions. If enough people gathered once again and eventually pushed Morsi out, alright, we have the people speaking their voices and pushing for a proper change. However, now that the military has taken the move to act on behalf of a certain portion of the population, they have not only derailed the possibility of positive democratic development in Egypt, but have also created a rift between Egyptians, further separating them. One can only question if Mubarak supports within the military still exist that may have led to this possible outcome.

Egyptians need to form solid and legitimate institutions within their society before they can properly proclaim that they have founded a democratic political system. Until then, any progress made by the current system of politics will fail as it has in many other countries who have been in a similar situation. You only need to look at Soviet Russia to see how well it worked out when the military began dictating political decisions and the eventual outcome. A system broken and a country starving as corruption filled the void left when freedom and individuality were taken away by AK-47's and tanks.

Until Muslims within Egypt join hands with their secular brothers and extend a hand of peace to other secular nations willing to assist them, progress in Egypt will not commence. A democracy must be free and with that commitment, it must also be unbiased and free from religion and military rule. This is no small pill to swallow, but is crucial in the development of Egypt's political stability and economic revival. If the country is to proper, it needs to come to a consensus on which direction it wants to head in and how it plans on supporting the requirements needed to fulfill this change. I can tell you with utmost certainty that this upcoming election will not quell the rage people are currently feeling regarding the identity of their country, but realistically in any democratic country, can we expect everyone to remain happy with the decisions made and the people elected? Of course not, but we can expect that when these people voice themselves, they do so with the freedom of knowing their voices count and that their security is confirmed regardless of their political allegiance.

Change is coming to Egypt as a country and Egyptians as a free people, what needs to happen between now and then is the what has happened in any free and democratic country, what remains important is that Egyptians not only step back and look at themselves, but also who they want to become.

Until Next Time!    

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Adult Assembly Required: Bottled Water

Like many out there, I consume a fair amount of bottled beverages, whether we are talking about my insane addiction to diet coke or my love of bottled carbonated Italian water, it is a guarantee that money is being spent to supply me something contained in a plastic bottle.

Apparently, the ocean is filling up with microscopic pieces of plastic...the result of human waste being tossed and sliced by the natural waves, while these pieces of tiny plastic may not seem real tough, they are apparently leeching chemicals into the water that are not properly recognized. So foreign are these chemicals that our bodies are apparently deciding that they resemble something closer to estrogen, which creates a legitimate risk for all males that consume water contaminated with this chemical.

In urban street language and to put it bluntly, we have an example here of tainted water that is threatening to destroy your junk men! That means no babies and to an extreme...a damaged love machine.

I recently had the pleasure of having my world crash around me and fill with fear after watching a documentary called: "chasing ice."

All I have to say is that this documentary shouldn't be labelled so....for in reality we should be referring to it as a wake up call. I can imagine all of the climate change/global warming deniers finding this amazing piece of art a very good fabrication, because the evidence it portrays cannot be argued.

We as human beings have come to the point in our existence where we need to make hard decisions. These tough choices have been around since our incarnation, however now we really need to open our eyes and analyze what exactly is going on around us.

How is this relevant to The Political Road Map? Well, it seems that our current direction with handling the balance between our environment and our own personal convenience has become astray.

While I enjoy drinking carbonated Italian water from a plastic bottle, I cringe at the thought of the domestic bottles of water also for sale in the same aisle. How our government is allowing these private firms to purchase water from our natural water tables and sell them in plastic death traps. I looked up some figures recently and while I cannot vouch for their validity, I am not surprised if they are in fact accurate. Companies are purchasing aquifer water/spring water for as cheap as $0.40 a megalitre. I may have just created a new word there, but the price is ridiculous!

While this water is attained for next to nothing, these same companies are bottling it and selling it back to us for a very nice premium. I pay more for bottled Italian water than I do for gas, mind you the water is travelling overseas...hmm....but this price is not as far off as the same water we purchase from domestic sources.

It is getting quite ridiculous, when we face a generation that suffers from obesity, but scratch our heads when trying to figure out why most people turn to bottled beverages like Coca Cola as opposed to simply water.

One part of this is mass marketing, which makes us believe the drinks we consume are good for us...either socially or literally physically...vitamin water as an example of such BS. Next though is the price of the alternative, if our government really wanted to curb obesity, they could investigate initiatives that you know...promote the healthy stuff. Instead of allow companies to drain our natural water sources and resell it for a premium, maybe socialize these sources and contain the amount we suck out of them and offer the water for free?

If you have the choice on a hot Canadian summer day, one of the approximate 2 months we get of the stuff, would you be tempted at a FREE bottle of Canadian water from a reusable source rather than a costly beverage of Diet Coke or other pop?

This may not be the solution to all of our immediate problems both health wise and regarding the environment, but for the sake of The Political Road Map, it would be a move in the right direction.

What do you think?

Until Next Time!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Adult Assembly Required: The Leader And The Boss

For all of you rednecks who voted Harper into power, wait...redneck really isn't a nice term to use, maybe all of you sheep? is more like, all of you trained seals who voted Harper into power, I hope you are happy!!!!

One does not have to look far in the media to see how a party that propped itself up as a transparent example of salvation for Canada, is now beginning to crumble from within. While two Liberal leaders collapsed in their journey to unseat Harper from his throne, it appears that what I suspected all along seems to be coming to fruition. I cannot take any of the credit for this though, because many of you out there knew this was coming. A time, when the man who ran every aspect of his party and played out his politics so that it would come across as perfectly orchestrated, saw the possibility of an end.

It is pretty sad, when I discuss with friends who happen to support the Conservative ideology and hear them explain how they worry because Stephen Harper has been in power for to long. Power of the kind given to any man has the potential to overcome that man and lead him astray. If the events of the few days and examples from the past few months are any example, we see that the well brushed, perfectionist image of Stephen Harper, in reality is founded on pillars of salt.

I tried using my Duffy buck to pay for dinner the other night, but my server did not seem to understand the authenticity or political implications of the bill I handed her. I don't know what to fear more...the fact that the waitress didn't catch on to the joke or that she had no idea who Mike Duffy really is?

Either way, we now have a Conservative backbencher who has recently become an independent MP, because he no longer can stand the treatment and puppeteering that Harper has put into place. One must not be surprised that this MP from Alberta was a backbencher all along, since anyone who questions Harper, should not guarantee to get any time in the media if he has any control over it. It is sad when a member of our government has to become a turncoat against his own party to even get some media attention. While the party and institution we should be looking to in order for guidance, prosperity and development turns away from us, we as Canadians are left to fend for ourselves.

This brings me to the notion of the leader and the boss. What is a true leader? What would you consider a boss? I have dipped into this topic long ago, as I questioned how a political player defines themselves when given a taste of power.

Do you take this power and command those below you to do your bidding, much like a boss? Or do you take your responsibility and power and motivate others to prosper? For even the slightest possibility of gain and prosperity should push us as people to work a little bit harder everyday.

If anything, Stephen Harper and the majority of his party have redefined what it means to be a Conservative. Truthfully, it is not farfetched to proclaim that all Conservatives are independents in the current affairs of Canadian politics, because they seem to portray an ideal of me, myself and I as opposed to you, me and the whole gang. How can a government promote power through diversity and strength among numbers, when all it wants to do is further empower the few over the many and impose a system of boss and worker, not leader and comrades, as a government should?

Keep your eyes open for more turncoats in the coming months after the house resumes from it's summer recess, because it appears that what Stephen Harper lauded as his government of strength, is now beginning to show its fragile innards.

Ask yourself how this kind of behavior and overall attitude is good for any country's direction, because realistically, it is not.

Until Next Time!

Harper's Empire 3.0

Have you ever wondered why restaurants, either fast-food or sit down, spend so much money telling you to be hungry and choose them as your provider of food? Step back and think about this for a minute, because the equation seems fairly simple. If you are hungry, you naturally want to eat in order to satisfy this hunger, so you go and make some food, but realistically you work hard at your job and life makes you constantly busy, so you do not have time to make food, because then you sacrifice time you feel you do not have. Then we have these restaurant chains that spend millions of dollars not only reinforcing this hunger, but fooling us into believing their food is not only plentiful, but good for you! This occurs every second and even though the food offered by these companies is usually sub par, we buy into it every time, because that is the beauty of marketing, it is the foundation of a capitalist market.

Stephen Harper is arguably the most powerful man in Canada, being the Prime Minister he has the Canadian military as his disposal and even though his majority is slowly imploding, is safe from any hostile take overs from the opposition party.

With all of this power and influence you would think that Harper would make the effort of creating drastic and necessary changes to our system to ensure a healthier and sustainable Canada. Put into motion the necessary steps to reinforce the average Canadian and ensure that we remain the most beautiful country in the world.

While in an ideal world Harper would be successful in accomplishing these kinds of changes, in reality we are left with this...

 $50,000 Canadian dollars, directly provided by the taxpayers to paint the airbus that carries our Prime Minister overseas. 

Upon first glance...does this not remind you of something else painted in a similar way?

This is simply another example to add to the list so far that Harper has given to us regarding his Canadian Empire!!!!

Couple this beauty of a paint job with the overall "success" of the economic action plan and it is very difficult to argue that our Prime Minister is inefficient. We all know, that just because the government is doing know the government should do and maintain infrastructure and repair roads, we should totally buy into the fact that these actions create jobs and the Conservative party of Canada is solely responsible for this.

This is why when having a discussion with someone who's paradigm of thought is entrenched to the right, I will usually just assume they are wrong in my head and nod and smile while they speak. So as to avoid countless hours of arguments over the same topic and any loss of brain cells.

Then there is this...

To anyone who supports any ideology or thought leaning slightly to the left, we see a blue lobster, the result of a regular lobster that has a genetic defect altering it's natural colour. Genetic defects aside, this lobster is quite beautiful, as beautiful as a lobster can be.

Now, if you show this to Stephen Harper or anyone from his government, you will witness wide eyed gasps proclaiming this lobster to be a natural sign that the Conservatives are God sent. Harper might just authorize a few million to build a gazebo-shrine dedicated solely for this lobster.

Remember how fast food places and restaurants spend millions of dollars on marketing to get you to buy their food, which usually isn't that good to begin with?

Well...Harper has been watching and his government seems to be doing the same thing to Canadians.

The question continues to ask itself...will Canadians continue to accept this type of treatment with apathy or will the next election bring a much needed change? 

Until Next Time!

Friday, 31 May 2013

Hello My Name Is...

Picture yourself at a party standing next to a man like Henry Morgentaler, chatting away about various topics and divulging in the cocktail party lingo that one might often run into during such events. Now, Stephen Harper and Tony Clement break through a window, throw a case of beer in the centre of the room and start verbally teasing everyone in the room.

You may be wondering where the point to this random scenario comes in and I sadly must admit there really is no clear point at all. However, I can imagine you smiled when the thought of good ol Steve came into your head wearing an outlandish party outfit and screaming: "Party on the peoples money! Partaaaaaay on the peoples monaaaaaay!"

The sad reality is that this scene isn't to far from the truth when looking at the current affairs in Canadian politics. We have a Toronto mayor raiding buffets and smoking as much crack as the street can provide, while a Conservative government continues to embarrass itself with constant examples of unprofessionalism that should embarrass us all as Canadians. 

it is Friday night and instead of reading this you should be preparing to go out and have a great time, the work week has come to an end for the majority of us and while we still have to pay our way through life via hard labour or the distant dream of the lottery, we can relax as we know that others have their meal paid for in full and like our good friend Mr. Duffy has shown...when your in a's alright to get a little help from your friends.
Out of respect to the creator, this image will remain until I get enough emails to remove it (like 1000) or a lawyer comes to my door! A piece of genius!

The bank of Canada has a problem with this excellent piece of art! So, being good Canadians, I want you all to copy this image and print it off, give it to your friends, throw it to the impoverished in the street or just donate it to your local church!

As much fun as the party is, there is always a time where it has to come to an end and everyone has to look up and realize...Monday is coming!

So, I wish you all a great Friday night, Saturday morning and know that while you may act silly, drink like a fish or eat at a buffet, your probably still acting more mature than the elected officials currently running our government!!!!

Until Next Time! 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hahahaha Clement Hahahahaha...Nice Joke!

Tony Clement to bring in performance reviews for public sector employees. "if your not performing, prepare to be out."

What a joke!

I wonder if Tony Clement has some type of performance review that dictates if he keeps his job? Oh yes, I believe he is called an election...and looking at the recent findings for the 2011 Conservative victory, we know how he and his party handles their performance reviews, with thieving, nontransparent and corrupt tactics!

I find it so funny and so embarrassing that an individual who proudly calls himself a supporter of Stephen Harper can even think of further lamenting our hard working public sector employees, when he barely has the moral ground to call himself a public servant.

For the sake of the people and for those who dedicate themselves to work on behalf of the government and Canadian people, how about Tony Clement begin with an audit of his own party and introduce mandatory income reductions based on employment violations. If your skirting the system and not fulfilling the promise you have made to those you serve, you should be punished by losing the income that said population provides to you.

This entire proposition is another example of Harper's overall union bashing, worker submission and pro manager stance. Of course the top public office is safe from such reviews, but lets make it harder for the unionized employees who serve Canadians day in and out.

This government has burnt out and needs to go. We as a collective people need to show it the door and bring in someone who is not only going to support the many over the few, but also introduce a more productive Canada through innovation and support, not fear and a loss in the quality of life this beautiful country is famous for!

Until Next Time!

Oh Poor Rob Ford...Oh Poor Toronto Buffets!!!!

While many people are still working on their beach bodies and taking care to eat right and live healthy, poor Rob Ford is suffering as a stress filled wretched soul! I can only imagine how awkward and embarrassed Rob Ford must be feeling with all of this media buzz and gossip about him, why...with all of this attention and fame you would think the guy was the mayor of Toronto or something...Being an individual with a heavier set, I understand that Rob Ford must be eating his stress like crazy, I mean realistically he cannot go to anyone and talk about the conspiracy regarding his "alleged" crack use.

You may be wondering why I have waited until now to finally release an entry on the scandal that seems to have been with us for such a while? Well, it is exactly because of this that I have decided to put forth my opinion. I cannot believe the media frenzy that has been created over an as of yet seen video showing the mayor of Toronto smoking something. I mean, if anything could help strengthen "Ford Nation" even more and bring his followers and supporters together, this has got to be it. While many believe they are exposing a truth about Ford that will ultimately ruin him, I sit here and scratch my head. Without proper proof and with all of the attention put on Ford, I can only see him becoming stronger after this controversy, especially if he is able to attain said video and conceal it, if he has not already. I would even go as far as to speculate that Ford staged this little stunt himself, if not to shake things up and put the attention back on himself, maybe to get the chance to really have the media act like a fool while they attempt to crucify him.

All of this stress for poor mayor Rob Ford and more importantly all of this stress for the various buffet style restaurants within his reach. I can only imagine how much stress eating is going on while Ford processes all of this material. How a man who dedicated himself to fight the gravy train, is now consuming it along with various types of potatoes, beef and mixed veggies. 

  What worries me more however is this supposed drug dealer who speaks a language other than English and wants $200,000 Canadian dollars for this 5 minute clip of Ford and a pipe. The fact that we are willing to pay such an individual this type of money for such material is more of an indicator of the society we live in than it is a bashing of Rob Ford. I wonder...if said individual was a convicted child molester or outspoken supporter of fundamentalism...would we be so eager to raise the funds for the same material? Or is a drug dealer more credible in Toronto as an informant? We as a collective Ford bashing society have for sure been watching to many movies.

Look what I can dood for Toronto!

I will keep this entry short, but I want to leave you all with this warning, because this media fiasco not only has the potential to tell us what we already know about Ford, but also leave a social precedent that could harm others.

Rob Ford is a horrible mayor, this is common fact and if you disagree with me than you have that right, but those who support me in this opinion need to really consider the important boundaries regarding the Ford video. If Ford did in fact smoke crack out of a pipe and not mention it to anyone, do we condemn him and further label others who suffer from this addiction or do we extend a helping hand and provide assistance?

Think about this before you jump to pay a delinquent of society $200,000 just because you think your mayor is an asshole. 

Until Next Time!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Someone Always Has To Die...

It has been a pretty busy week so far and this beautiful weather has been a much needed treat(ment) for the woes of working a stressful job and trying to get by. Fortunate for me, but unfortunately for 500 other people, there will no longer be good and bad days, nice weather or poor, just silence. My heart breaks to find out that the death toll from the building collapse in Bangladesh has reached 500 victims, because these deaths were not only avoidable, but also a sign of the times we live in.

One expert went into detail about how the workers should have formed a union, since under their country's law unions are legal and it is their right. This same expert then went on to discuss with the CBC host about how the government is calling this a tragic "accident" and how workers rights need to be addressed and fought for in the garment industry.

While many may see this generalized excerpt as proper given the situation, I cannot sit back and accept such nonsense. I agree with many of the points that the media has made regarding this unfortunate event, but so much has been missed and unfortunately it is going to take more than just Joe Fresh and Galan Weston to institute proper change.

One of the main arguments I have seen come out of this entire incident is that not only do companies need to police their garment factories more, but also support a union mentality in order to protect workers.

What a joke!

It does not take much to see evidence of continued union bashing in workplaces found in Canada and you think companies are honestly going to take the time and money in ensuring workers overseas have better conditions!?

I have worked in jobs where management has made every effort possible to have security and certain employees keep an ear out for any talk of unions at all. Upon hearing of any union conversation, these individuals would report the workers and they would be terminated immediately for "poor performance". Looking at the sweatshops used to provide companies with cheap clothing and record profits, workers are treated no different than the sewing machines they operate. They are expected to come into work daily, perform their duties to the company and ask no questions as their jobs are sacred compared to the alternative. We may look at the factory that has collapsed and state that we would never work there, but those workers were most likely not their to work either, they were there to support families, to feed children and to attain some form of financial freedom in a system that doesn't give them the time of day.

How can companies police their factories, when the level of corruption and deception by the government and companies themselves work as the foundation to this system?

I can tell you with utmost confidence that the only policing going on in that factory was between management against the workers. A no tolerance attitude in an environment that only focuses on the bottom line.  These workers were told to get back to work immediately after an alarm had just gone off stating something was wrong and out of fear more than anything else, they did just that and ended up paying the ultimate price.

How can we ensure a proper and ethical direction for our country, when we as people indirectly condone such barbaric practices? All the while, the only winners in this scenario are the clothing companies themselves, because as I have stated in previous entries, the workers destroy themselves on a daily basis making quotas, while the ignorant consumers in Canada and the United States bankrupt themselves buying the hottest fashion at highly inflated prices.

As television brought the Vietnam war into the households of Americans and opened their eyes, so to must the countless examples shown to us about the products we buy. The consumer has power in the market, but we as people, not consumers, need to start raising our voices and giving a damn. If we allow this kind of stupidity to continue guiding us in our lives, how long before we allow such acts to happen on our own soil?

I want you to imagine your child or close friend if you have no children, think about how much you care about them and then imagine their misfortune if they were forced to work in one of these garment factories and ultimately ended up lying among other bodies, because their manager didn't care about them, only about that imaginary bullshit called the "bottom line"?

We need to start removing the bottom line from our vocabularies and begin adding more accurate terms like human beings, quality and unity. The collapse in Bangladesh is not the first incident where people have died needlessly for the consumer, it happens here and it will continue to happen until people start to speak up.

We as people should not have to be constantly reminded by death when something isn't right. We are free persons, educated persons and we all have hearts, all the tools needed to know when something is wrong and more importantly know when to act. Canadians know the importance of equality and safety in the workplace and just because we require the labour of other nationalities to manufacture our products, it doesn't mean we ignore their safety.

A Vietnamese proverb that was told to me once by an NDP MPP:

"When you bite into a delicious fruit, remember the person who planted the tree."

Until Next Time...

Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Great Academic Rejection of 2008-20??



Do you know what this is?

It is a count of the amount of days since my last job interview. A count that is used to monitor a continued hope that employment in my field or a career of some sort will be attainable under the current economy. As I have mentioned in previous entries, my current dilemma is the result of a University education. Look how I capitalize University, making it seem like this important, distinguished and enlightening experience. Well, the capitalization will now end, university is how it will remain forever.

I do not expect my university degree to do anything for me, I mean it isn't going to go out and get a job for me, it for sure is not going to work on my behalf and allow me a life of ease. No, university at this point has solely become a four year experience that pushed me to think outside the box. It taught me that working is only part of the equation, while thinking, yes thought, is what takes you to the finish line. Also, thousands of dollars, but that is beside the point.

It is very sad to experience this portion of my life with relation to the current times of our society. I never imagined I would feel such helplessness in my life and being a 20something, I never thought I would be struggling to find employment this far out of school, but I am.

What worries me more, is the academic rejection or drain that my generation is currently facing. We are the most educated generation to date, however we are also experiencing some of the worst statistics when it comes to employment and stress. This worries me, because my generation, whether we like it or not is tasked with a very important burden, one that will shape the future of the human race as we know it.

That burden, which my generation needs to solve, is essentially all of the current problems the human race current faces. We have the most important problems to solve and are currently given the worst tools possible to solve it, while facing some of the toughest barriers at the same time. Are we doomed?

The question of academic apocalypse and economic woes is a debate that must occur for our society to progress. Realistically, there is a lot of culture and creativity coming out of my generation, even though we continue to be unemployed or worse underemployed (Nothing like underemployment to make the government smile, good job numbers!).

What worries me is the continued dependency we have on education. It seems like humanity is going through another extreme evolution, while our bodies and now our economies cannot keep up. The only thing that can compare to this event is probably the first time a microchip or advanced piece of technology came to be. Life as we knew it changed and what was once difficult and required a high human cost, now could be done with ease. Food became easier to produce and humans did not have to move around as much as we previously did.

Now, our minds have expanded officially and our thought paradigms have advanced, however the employment we require to survive under society's rules is non-existent. I find it hard for a university grad to consider working in a call centre or seek employment on a farm. As important as these positions are within society, one being customer service and the other a source of nourishment for society, our education seems to have endowed us with not only a stronger thought process, but dreams of big things. Things that frankly, are not going to come from a 9-5. 

It is easy for someone to view the education system we currently have with pessimism. The great academic rejection is nothing to smile about, especially when there are bills to pay and mouths to feed. However, as negative as this may seem, it appears that western society and the world as we know it has  reached a new point in our evolution. The society and community found within liberal economies now needs to evolve in order to continue.

A person must now think outside the box in terms of employment and define their work by defining themselves. We can no longer remain slaves to the stability of a 9-5 job, because this only helps one person, the boss. In order to remain efficient and live a good life, an educated person needs to create their own wealth and thus imagine their own employment. For only by doing this, can our society cure itself from the evils of outsourcing, downsourcing, downsizing and the income gap between the rich and poor.

With many individual and separate jobs being created by people who cannot find work, our economy becomes more diverse and truly freer. We cannot rely on major corporations and rich individuals utilizing old ways of thought, when we as a new generation, we with major problems to solve, encompass a new paradigm of thought and with it new solutions to the big problems that plagued those of the past.

Prepare yourself for a big change in the coming years, because whether we like it or not, our society is evolving faster than we can even imagine.

The only thing you need to ask yourself is if the direction it is evolving in is the right one?

Until Next Time!