Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Why the Republicans Should Take Notes from Quebec

Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan have been traveling America promising a more appropriate recovery and an overall better America, if they are chosen in the upcoming election as president. Romney's platform has been founded upon strong American values and more importantly the economy, with the promise that a country led by Mitt Romney and his Republicans is one that will prosper from increased employment and smaller government. In fact, Romney has focused so much on a smaller government, that he has not only worked hard to have the tea party praise him as a God, but at the same time has done everything in his power to dismember anything created or achieved under Obama.

Bashing your opponent is nothing new in the political sphere, but what I find funny about Romney's campaign is that he continuously praises himself for being immune to criticism from his opponents, when all he really does is criticize two main components of Obama: Healthcare and the Economy. In 2008, Obama promised America change they could believe in and through this change hope that the future would look more positive for the average American. He gave hope to those who before felt hope did not exist for them. Romney is attempting to spread hope in this upcoming election as well, except the hope he seems bent on committing to is one that guarantees a government who will lead by dismantling as opposed to building a new America.

One can only wonder how the upcoming election will turn out, when you have an economy that has improved, but is very much still in recession territory? Looking back at the federal election outcome in Quebec, Romney should be taking some major notes if he wants to oust an incumbent that has a strong following. What I am referring to is the "Orange Wave" that swept through Quebec in the last federal election and that frankly shocked much of Canada. This event not only changed Canadian history, but also reinforced the notion that the people have power when they are motivated to use it.

When looking at the American situation, I see many similarities with the Tea Party/Republican Party and the people of Quebec. They are sick and tired of the conventional handling of politics in their country and they want to push for change. However, they see the options bleak, which opens up hope for the new guys that through sheer dissatisfaction with their government, they will change their voting trends.

Mitt Romney has both the money and the radical following to give him an easy win. If for example, many Americans feel that Obama has not lived up to his initial expectations, they might not vote or in a worst case scenario might choose Republican. Usually a low voter turn out helps the incumbent, however if you happen to have a radical following that are committed through ideology rather than interest, this can give you an ace up your sleeve in the political sphere.

Will the people of the United States give Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan power due to the negativity felt because of a poor economy and what appears to be political ineffectiveness?

One cannot deny that the past four years have not been easy for president Obama. He came into power in the middle of a financial crisis and two major wars occurring at the same time. Not to mention that throughout the entire process of creating the change that was initially promised, Obama has seen nothing but grief from his political opponents that have usually led to a political stalemate and utterly no progress. This only hurts the President as it gives Romney the argument that Obama has essentially done nothing, when in reality the opposite is true.

However, when we look at the perspective of the average voter, a lot of this information is not available for you or I to gather. Lets be honest, the American media is overall a fear mongering machine and information or in correction valid information is often in absence. When the average voter cannot find a job or is living paycheck to paycheck can the original dream of hope stay alive? Can one overcome the fear of the future in order to stay the course and if necessary sacrifice a little more before salvation arrives?

I personally do not see Mitt Romney winning the election, I think that he caters simply to white America and has not standing among working class individuals. Yes, he is able to represent the portion of America that creates a lot of employment, but I do not really see this transpiring into anything like we saw in Quebec. Obama still instills the fire created by his overall platform of hope and equal representation and because of his I believe he will maintain his presidency for another four years.

Today, the people of Quebec went to the polls again and what we have witnessed is another example of the people exercising their political might. Many young voters have rebelled against the government, because they feel they have been betrayed due to corruption, favoritism and overall political ineffectiveness and as a result we now have a minority government being formed under the leadership of the Parti Quebecois.

What I hope to reinforce by today's entry is that the political process in a Democratic nature is one of beauty. Michael Moore said something profound lately in an interview that went: " American politics is greatly influenced by money and Mitt Romney has a lot of it, however what must kill the rich is that although they surpass everyone with the money they have, come election time they have one vote like the rest of us and that must kill him." This is the exact reason why we as a people must continue to reinforce our political system and more importantly participate in it. Canada will be greatly affected if Mitt Romney gains enough to win this election and as a result we are forced to weigh in as well.

How do you feel about the upcoming election? I am interested in reading what you feel about this topic and any input you wish to add to the discussion.

Until Next Time.

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