Sunday, 3 June 2012

Viva Les Students Des Quebec!

I am going to keep this one simple:

You have heard about those students in Quebec...they have been protesting for about 3 months now over the proposed increase in tuition.

They have a right to protest!

It is true that Alberta helped subsidize tuition costs in 2009, 2010, 2011 and most likely 2012 to. However, that is what being in a country requires, we help out the other part of the country in need and vice versa when required.

With jobs leaving the country and unemployment among youth so high, should students stand by and accept an increase of even a penny, when their wages and futures look so dim? Is schooling truly affordable, when students are forced to go to school via student loans and debt?

Should education be considered an employment opportunity for universities or a basic right in both modern Canada and the world? The directions of today create the future of tomorrow!

We should make it a holiday in this country, that once a year, everyone, no matter where they live, east or west, south or north, rich or poor, should gather and walk the streets united under the Canadian flag and remind the government that it is the people who carry the true power.

So, continue you unruly Quebec students...and the next time the police come out with riot gear screaming...SCREAM LOUDER!

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