Sunday, 3 June 2012

Viva Les Students Des Quebec!

I am going to keep this one simple:

You have heard about those students in Quebec...they have been protesting for about 3 months now over the proposed increase in tuition.

They have a right to protest!

It is true that Alberta helped subsidize tuition costs in 2009, 2010, 2011 and most likely 2012 to. However, that is what being in a country requires, we help out the other part of the country in need and vice versa when required.

With jobs leaving the country and unemployment among youth so high, should students stand by and accept an increase of even a penny, when their wages and futures look so dim? Is schooling truly affordable, when students are forced to go to school via student loans and debt?

Should education be considered an employment opportunity for universities or a basic right in both modern Canada and the world? The directions of today create the future of tomorrow!

We should make it a holiday in this country, that once a year, everyone, no matter where they live, east or west, south or north, rich or poor, should gather and walk the streets united under the Canadian flag and remind the government that it is the people who carry the true power.

So, continue you unruly Quebec students...and the next time the police come out with riot gear screaming...SCREAM LOUDER!

You Can Put Makeup a on Pig....

Sometimes, when you are presented something in life, you miss exactly what that something is and are led to believe it is something entirely different altogether. This tactic is called deceptive presentation and is based on how our brains function and thus how we interpret information. For example, odds are you may not have noticed that you read my blog title incorrectly  and that the "a" and "on" should be reversed.

This kind of trickery is perfectly legal in many cases and is often found all over the place. Television commercials utilize this deception to get you to buy their products, magicians use it to tantalize your senses and finally politicians use it to have power over you. Yes, it is true, as politics is a power game, deception is a tool all to familiar with your average public servant and through this deception we witness events like: George W. Bush Jr. winning for a second term or Prime Minister Stephen Harper gaining a majority as a few examples.

Today's entry will start off by mentioning the name of a remarkable young girl named Victoria Grant. If you have not already heard of Victoria, I suggest you visit this link and find out exactly why this little squirt is both intellectual and brave. Was she coached by her parents into becoming this way? Most likely, but that is what being a good parent requires right?

I was most intrigued by Victoria's heartfelt speech regarding Canada's current banking crisis and throughout the entire ordeal could not help but recognize a familiarity with the information she was giving out. In fact, I knew I had heard this exact speech somewhere else a few nights before when I watched a 2009 documentary named "Oh Canada, our bought and sold land" by Dan Mathews.

What we have here is another example of this deceptive presentation that further plays with our mind. We have a young man on one hand who cannot afford to go to university making a very informative and eye opening documentary, yet he is unable to receive any media attention outside of independent media. Than on the other hand, we have a young girl who most people would assume should be playing with barbies, yet she is giving presentations to business experts on the crisis that is growing within her country. Her video went viral almost immediately and everyone had their ears on her, even though many may not have taken her seriously. Either way, we have two Canadians who have completed an important service for their country.

One has to ask if our country is still on course financially and if Prime Minister Stephen Harper really knows what he is doing. As a university graduate I joke that completing a degree has taught me how to think and ask questions or at the very least think I know what I am talking about.

Throughout the economic recession of 2008 or "RecCon 08" ( Recession Conservative 08) as I now call it, we have witnessed a Conservative government continually assuring the Canadian people that although Canada has entered recession territory, we have weathered better than any other country out there and are a shining example. Yet...the jobs continue to leave the country and people are increasingly stuck with low paying, part time or contract work. Not to mention that it does seem increasingly evident that everything today is trying to get you to either borrow money or open a credit card. Hell, I am an underemployed university graduate and I somehow was pre-approved for a $20,000 Visa, even though my annual income barely touches $15,000 currently!!! You know something is wrong when this happens and cannot be good for the direction of our economy and the overall direction of our country.

This problem is so bad that I should really cut Mr. Harper some slack, because his government is not the only one guilty. Former Prime Minister Paul Martin can also be praised and blamed as well, because although his government fought for banking regulations and against deregulation of the system, he still approved legislation that gave banks the ability to distribute loans via bank notes and collect physical cash as payment. 

So, this entire problem comes back to my original title: You can put makeup a on pig, but it is still going to be a pig. So much so that Mr. Harper, you can add all of the deception and propaganda you want to legitimize the shady actions of our current financial situation, but that does not make it right, nor does it mean we are going to avoid a major financial catastrophe down the road.

What you can do to prevent a financial crisis like that of the United States from happening in Canada?

Lobby your elected officials and ask them why we are not paying off our national debt via the Bank of Canada or the people's bank as it should be referred to? The Bank of Canada was created to provide the government with interest free loans, yet we see a system that spews out promotion for loans and mortgages that are built upon a foundation of compound interest or in a drastic light...modern slavery.

Let's get the Bank of Canada involved and pay this debt off by having the people provide the loans, I do not mind paying myself back in order to keep my country on the right track and allow Canadians to continue living with a high quality of life. Let us be a true example to the world and shine with truth as opposed to the deception we have been duped into believing as truth!