Monday, 26 March 2012

Unionize Prostitution!!!!!

I thought I would spice some stuff up as I continue adding entries. I know it has yet again been a while since my last post, but I make a solemn promise today that I will continue putting more effort into this blog and make my posts both more interesting and polished. I just need you the readers to disagree with me and comment or agree with me and comment or just add some more information...just comment please! Oh, also you can sign up to receive my entries when they are released, this would make me a very happy political blogger!

Anyways, to continue on, I was lying in bed one night and the most random idea came to. So random, that I had to write down some facts supporting it and begin thinking of how I could transform it into an entry.

A few months back, the media was buzzing over the Supreme Court ruling that allowed prostitutes or "women of the night" to continue on with their trade in doors and hire staff to ensure their safety. Various religious groups and even feminist groups voiced their disappointment in this, however the ruling has remained.

I believe this ruling was both fair and well thought out Why? Society has utilized the female image for centuries as both an idol for men to chase after and a form of income. Now, I understand that just because something has been going on for centuries, does not mean that it should be allowed to continue on. However, in a Capitalist market, people are free to make their living however they please, so long as it does not break laws or directly impact another person's well being. I believe this ruling is important within our society for two main reasons. One, it allows us to recognize this service as one being conducted by women or dignified human beings as opposed to the term "whores". Secondly, it opens an opportunity for physical safety and disease prevention.

It is difficult to determine why anyone would want to go into a trade like this, but there are people who choose too do this and we all know there are also other people willing to pay for it. Thus in the Capitalist mind set...a system of supply and demand has been established or continues.

Now you may be asking, how does this concern the unions? If we are going to allow such acts to exist within a legal grey area for the sake of female safety, why not take it a step further and promote more safety and stability?

If unions can change themselves in order to adapt to our changing society, they can not only organize these women to demand for better rights within their chosen profession, but also improve in important areas that make this profession dangerous. With organized labor, the implementation of taxation on prostitutes and safety regulations could become a reality. By safety recommendations, I mean the continued supply of both birth control pills and condoms. This is essential in controlling the spread of disease and ensuring to a certain extent the safety of patrons utilizing this service.

Individuals who require services and who are not able to get them would also be aided by union organization, as the system would network them with the right people or services needed. More importantly, it makes the service legitimate and takes it out of the dark alleys and street corners and into the open for more people to both observe and police.

For example, we have a young woman in her teens who has nowhere to go, she has no family to aid her and welfare is not able to cover the rent for herself and her child. She is now forced to turn to prostitution in order to make enough money to both have a roof over her head and food for her child. The choice is not the only she has, but she has chosen it regardless. Would it be right for our society to allow this girl to work in unregulated conditions for just any average Joe willing to beat her for a buck? Or would she have a better chance of both getting help and getting out of this service if an organized system was in place that ensured both her safety and her child's safety?

Some food for thought and I am very interested in what you think about this. Please post your comments and do so in a mature manner.

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