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Why Beatles Music Will Solve Any Problem You Have.: Let it be :.

Looking back at many of my previous entries, I realized a serious foul on my behalf that required immediate attention...hence why this is my second blog entry for today and my third cup of coffee. Anyways...back on track to the more important things.

The Beatles!

Hit Cult Pop phenomenon, trailblazers, inspiration for countless other musicians...etc, etc, etc and all the fine other things that millions of people continue to use as their understanding of the band itself.

"Never before has a band changed so much within society and made so much money doing it." - Me

Yes, I am quite biased when it comes to these 4 lads from Liverpool, however for the sake of this blog I am going to focus on why their music is relevant to society today and more importantly how it can change our political structures for  the better! Many people claim to be fans of this band, yet their knowledge of the band does not escape what one might view on a commercial or what the publishers of Beatles music today have released.

As a result, my first song to analyze is a famous one that has broken records for the amount of covers performed by other artists and still holds the record for a close second behind Hey Jude as a drunk song sung by a group larger then 4 in public spaces:

Let it be-Released in 1970, recording originally began in 1969, but was prolonged as additions and dubs were added to the original. 

Ironically, this was one of the last songs recorded by the Beatles as a single band before they inevitably broke up.

Looking at this song and society with a philosophic outlook, one can see that the advice provided by this piece of art could solve one of the main issues within western culture...stress. Stress like an illness infects many people and can lead to drastic outcomes as a result. One who suffers from stress can become even more incapacitated as they focus on everything that will inevitably increase their stress level. Our society has become so stressed out due to the financial constraints put on us that we forget to take life in strides and put more emphasis on more important things.  As a result, in a world we have created to make our lives easier, we have also jailed ourselves due to the amount of stress generated to keep it going.

"But when the broken hearted people, living in the world agree, there will be an answer, let it be." But though they may be parted, there is still a chance that they may see."

Not only a very impressive use of poetry and lyrics, but  a very deep and true outlook on the current political situation that our world faces. We divide ourselves into nations and wage war in an attempt to resolve any conflict that comes before us, yet we fail to see that throughout all of the chaos and division that we create, we are all people living the same life, suffering the same, breathing the same air and most importantly loving the same way. The very fact that we put so much emphasis on little problems that in turn become very large ones as a conflict arises, puts more emphasis on the need for us to let it be, when it comes to these problems in the first place. As gloomy as our separation and violence look however, there will always be a chance of peace overcoming and allowing us to live and work as one.

.:If it will be, then it will be, if not then let it be:. Words of wisdom that can change your entire life.

Furthermore, when the song references Mother Mary, one might automatically think that religion has been infused with the words of wisdom of let it be. In this context, religion has nothing to do with this song. Mother Mary was a reference to McCartney's own mother.

I want you to take a minute and listen to the song, actually listen to it more then once and think about how the lyrics come across to you. How does the song make you feel and what thoughts seep into your mind as the lyrics pass into your ears.

Did I miss something with regards to the lyrics of this song and are there other ways that this song provides solutions to the problems we currently face?

Until next time...I will analyze another song and explain how it provides a solution both to our social lives and our political ones.

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