Monday, 19 December 2011

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza and a Happy New Year!

If you think this December is like any other, a time where people shop for gifts and go mad with holiday craziness, then you are sadly mistaken.

No, this December is actually very important and this coming New Year will be a significant mark in our history. Why you may ask? Well, as we close the year off and look toward the rising sun of 2012, we end a year that has ushered in countless examples of change going on in our society and more importantly our world.

Let me list a few: Osama Bin Laden's death, the Pakistan surprise, countless natural disasters, 3 consecutive elections in Canada, the death of a sitting MP (Jack Layton),the Arab spring, occupy Wall Street, the end of the Iraqi war, the declaration of the end for the mission in Afghanistan and most recently the death of Kim Jong Il. 

What we have here folks is a significant turning point in our history and this is no insignifcant thing. Be proud that you are alive and well and able to say that you witnessed the world go into crazy mode(2001) and were able to see it begin it's self healing (2011).

Now if only those Mayans are wrong, then we can move forward even more and see where this change will take us. Maybe things will work out for the better and we will continue moving away from the madness. Maybe more madness is headed our way? Who knows!?

How do these monumental events affect you? Did I leave anything out?

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