Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Summary of July--Politics and History

Hello Everyone,

Again, it has been a while since I have last made a posting, but summer has taken my attention to the outdoors and the local community. I have still kept my eye on important political events though and am amazed by the recent events over the month of July.

Where to begin? The Americans have made headlines with the end of their shuttle program and the looming default crisis that almost became a reality. It seemed like usual with American media that the world sat on the brink of destruction, while the majority of people stood helpless to watch as the government argued over a decision that could change the country forever.

One quote that stood out from President Obama: "Our country has a AAA credit rating, but what our country and the American people need is a AAA political system."

It seems like the entire world has rapidly changed over the past few months. Among this change we have witnessed a revolution in the middle east, something I do not believe anyone saw coming, but nevertheless has made the Americans happy. The market has fluctuated more and more among job losses and regime changes within major corporations and unfortunately we have seen what can happen when an organization with to much power abuses it as the Murdoch coverage and News of the World have shown us.

I am happy to be alive to witness this change and history making occur, but I feel as if we are all missing something very important that is standing right in front of us screaming for our attention. Among all of this change and self liberation I thought that I would see people becoming more united and happy with life, but all I seem to witness is anger and resentment being shown by many. Granted the recession is long from over and everyone is suffering, but it is important that we all work together to weather the effects of a recession as best that we can.

Anyways, I promise to have more exciting news for my next post and I hope this has sparked some excitement in you...we live in exciting times and are witnessing history being made everyday.

Stay well!

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