Monday, 4 April 2011

Campaign Strategy

I have been watching the campaign commercials for the election hopefuls as the rest of you have and I could not stand by without commenting on how crazy some of them can be.

It seems like the past few years, our politicians have resorted to American-style attack ads that make their opponents look like garbage and try to infuse fear into the Canadian populace, with images of what their Canada will look like if they do not vote for so and so...

Let me clear one thing up for you people, the day after the election, the second after a new person or the same person is elected to power, our Canada will still be the same. The reality is that anything major in regards to change will take a lot of time before it actually takes hold, in fact I am pretty sure our political system as a whole makes it impossible for quick change to really take hold, but you can never write it off as impossible since things can happen.

Anyways, I really want to give an applause to Michael Ignatieff and his "soft ads", I believe he has the right idea by trying to show Canadians why he would help improve Canada for them as opposed to just for me because the other guys are worse.

For Example:

These are just a few examples of ads that attempt to inspire you to believe in positive change and believe that it can occur, not just smear our political candidates and continue on the stereotypical dirty tactics that many campaigns employ.

I will post more videos as I come across them on youtube, but I leave you with the question: How do you feel about the current commercials for this upcoming election? Do you agree with smear campaigns or do you feel inspired by some of the material being sent through?

Always keep your mind open to these ads and make sure to break them down and read through the lines, couple them with the party platforms released and try to figure out who is desperate to maintain power through fear and who actually wants to inspire change.

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