Monday, 28 March 2011

Our Election Hopefuls...

It's official! Election 2011 is on it's way and in 33 days we are going to be at the voting polls!

I figure since our main parties are back on the road, that I would do a quick synopsis on our potential candidates for the job of Prime Minister.

Stephen Harper:

Since he has held the position for some time now, I figure it cannot hurt him if I start with his image, party and values.Harper has been seen overall as a centre leaning Conservative throughout his stint as Prime Minister. He has found loopholes in our laws to find ways of maintaining his power. I truly believe that Harper has gotten so bad with his party that he no longer knows who the Canadian people are. Unless all the citizens of Canada inhabit bay street or Toronto that is...

During the Cold War, millions of children in the West were told to fear the threat from Communist invasion and Soviet missiles. In 2011, our children should be taught to fear Mr. Harper, the man who will be responsible for daddy losing his full-time status at work only to face a wage cut and potentially no pension. Not only that, also informing such children that if we continue on this business as usual model of governing, they can look forward to low paying jobs with no pension in an employment environment full of deregulation and a giant gap between the rich and the poor!!!!

By the way...I wasn't trying to scare you there because....

If Michael Ignatieff doesn't smarten up he will be no different than Harper. The liberals are in the position right now to take advantage of the weak points the conservatives have let bleed out, however Ignatieff doesn't seem like he is ready for the leadership that Canadians need. His reputation is shaky due to the many years he spent outside of Canada teaching, which was not improved when he came here touting that he was party of a line dating back to a Russian prince. Alright, we know your trying to play the elite guiding the revolution Mike, but what Canada needs right now is an EVOLUTION, we need to rethink our status in the world and focus on how we can continue providing our people what they need to excel, for it is with our citizens that we raise our country and not with the elites who carry a Canadian citizenship.

How do you think we even create the elites within society? They do not grow on trees and Walmart will never carry them due to well Walmart....anyways, the answer is that elites are caused by a society with the ability to live free, access health care and get a higher education. Ignatieff is playing the lets do this card, but we are in election mode...will he stick with what is needed and resist the temptation to help his friends in corporate?

Moving on...we get Jack Layton, he is part of the NDP and works on behalf of the families of Canada, that is when he isn't working alongside the conservatives, aiding them to push out their pieces of political work. jack Layton is a good man, but he is not Prime Minister material, he can lead and he has led the NDP right, but overall he just does not make the cut when we need someone who is able to surpass the norm and look toward the future.

Elizabeth May is an interesting candidate and like Jack she can lead her party and work on behalf of a healthier and greener Canada. However, her support is to fragmented across the country to give her a chance for power. The reality is that Elizabeth does not need to become Prime Minister, all she needs is enough votes to gather some seats and become a legitimized force in the Canadian political system, like the NDP her party needs just enough support to become a chip in the game and help determine what goes through and what is supported. Although this may seem like it will lead to a more fragmented political system in the future, it actually has the potential to turn into a more representative system.

Finally, I want to look to our Quebec brothers and the Bloc Quebecois. Gille Duceppe is one hell of a charismatic guy, out of all of our political contenders HE is the one guy I would sit down and have a beer with. Sure, his party represents the sole purpose of providing Quebec with everything and tearing the country apart, but the guy knows how to get the people's vote (In Quebec). I won't go into any more detail why he is going nowhere near the spot of Prime Minister, but I wish him the best(In Quebec).

I will end the discussion with a question about the election....Who do you feel deserves the support of the Canadian people and what changes do you believe should be important topics during this election?

The politicians will always resort to baby photos, hand shaking and smiles, but I want to know what the people wish the politicians introduce to better direct our beautiful country.

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