Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A New Budget Falls, An Upcoming Election?

Today the Conservative government released their new budget for the Canadian people to witness. What was created to appease working families and help the average Canadian, has become the potential for a new election as everyone had previously thought. Stephen Harper and his Conservatives thought their numbers would appease many middle class and low income families, but the opposition parties have decided against supporting it.

Although this new budget looks like it is going to provide a much needed boost to badly hurting families, it appears that Mr. Harper has not been very clear with where all of the money in his budget will be heading. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty proudly announced that many programs will continue on with the support of government funding. One very important program for example was the Eco-retrofit program that was very popular and beneficial to improving Canada's green record.

The problem with today's budget however is that although an effort was made to help Canadians at need and also appease the opposition parties, enough was not done! I understand it is impossible to make everyone happy and often times there will be individuals who feel their demands were not met, but today is an example of utter disregard for valid demands!

Some might argue that the government should do what they think is best for all Canadians and although this statement is valid, the Harper government is a minority and as a result must work together with the opposition. This did not happen today and any attempts to make concessions for the oppositions sake were poor and lacking the necessary requirements to keep this country on the right path.

Why does Canada need to spend an estimated 30 BILLION dollars on new fighter jets that may be seen as the most advanced in the world on paper, but realistically would not be proper for our climate?

Why must corporations that are already racking in millions of dollars of profit (unfortunately at the expense of their workforce who is probably being paid peanuts) require more tax breaks to continue creating jobs?
Have we not already learned that the trickle down theory is not working when it comes to corporate tax breaks and the division of wealth? We are destroying our middle class and aiding in the oppression of foreign citizens just so our CEO's can guarantee entry-ship into the millionaire club, while our citizens begin starving and our infrastructure stagnates.

On a positive note though, as I have mentioned before there was some effort made at helping families in need with programs and also mention of some much needed R&D funding. Sadly though, compared to the money going the way of unnecessary fighter jets and overpaid CEO's these changes seem rather hollow.

I am glad the opposition parties have stuck to their foundations and have decided to not follow this budget, I only hope a resolution can be made to ensure the money goes where it is greatly needed and that as a result our country begins traveling on the right path. We cannot risk losing our way and becoming a stagnate and empty first world country. Canada is a beautiful country with a lot of potential and should be seen as an example to the world, not trying to barely keep up!

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